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Fresh pasta in the making

I took this photo over the weekend at Union Station in Denver, inside Mercantile Dining & Provision. I liked the light, the food, and the space – but it definitely needed a little editing.

I started with Skrwt, to try and fix the crooked lines. It didn't come out perfect because if I stretched it too much, it looked bad.

Then I used TouchRetouch to remove the edge of the table in the bottom corners.

Then I used Snapseed to darken the wall a bit behind the guy and adjust the Structure a little.

The first image that I edited in VSCOcam uses K2. I adjusted exposure, fade, sharpen, highlights, and skin tone.

I posted that one above on Instagram but then I wanted to see what else I could change. I went back to Snapseed and darkened it even more on the wall and at the top corners. I brought the brightness down overall, lightened the guy's face a little, darkened the cutting board so the pasta would contrast more, and brightened the blue apron and increased its saturation.

In VSCOcam I used the preset HB2. I altered the contrast, shadows, highlights, sharpen, vignette and skin tone. I wanted the guy to pop more and the blue apron to be a focal point.

For the last one, I used the Mextures app for a change. One of the useful filters is the Neutral Density overlay; I used the dark gradient from the bottom up to darken the table. Then I added a bit of Soil overlay and Frosted overlay. Then I went back into Snapseed again for more enhancement (probably too much) like darkening the walls and increasing Ambience. Then VSCOcam again, where I applied the C2 filter this time. I lowered the exposure and contrast, increased the fade and sharpen, and made the tint skew green.

I may have taken the image too far from its original form, but I definitely learned a lot with this lesson. Thanks for the great class @danrubin!

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