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Fresh it up - Homework 1&2

Am so excited to be doing my first (of many I'm sure) skillshare class.  We live in a cool 1948 house, it's got a slight retro vibe with glass brick windows (which you can see in the reflection) and a split level set up. It usually feels a bit dark to me, so I'm looking for some ways to add some color, light and overall sass.  I love art books and have a ton. 

 The coffee table just looks blah to me, and it needs to stand up against my busy rug.


And here are some after photos. I added in some additional books and seem to have gone with a slight beachy theme. I like the orange in the flower arrangement but feel like I need to have more of a color theme going...It's a tough photo to take, since I really don't get much natural light in this room.  



from the other side...

 I prefer simple bedding, and this one is certainly the most busy of them all. It looks like it's missing something - and Lucy (my dog) agrees.

I don't have a console table, but here are some shots of my mantle. It was just painted, so I really haven't done much except for displaying my found birds' nests and some rocks and shells I've collected. 

My bookcase is jam packed with all sorts of things. I need to clear it out a bit and give it an overall look.  And my boring, utilitarian bedside table. 

And here is an inspiration photo that uses the 8 principles.

1) Need - computer and comfy seating.

2) Shape & Size - the curves on the desk are a nice balance to vertical pattern on the wallpaper. 

3) Color - I love the muted tones of blues and purples with the nice pop of pink on the desktop. 

4) Pattern - the wallpaper provides the main pattern but is supported by the vertical striping on the drapes. 

5) Texture - I love the texture of the velvet chair, the sequin pillow and the jute rug especially.  I also think the rock crystal lamp looks especially inviting. 

6) Placement - there are 3 pops of pink on the desktop - the power of 3.

7) Bling - love the silver pieces on the desktop and on the sequin pillow.

8) Botanicals - the roses provide this accent, and there are also botanicals on the wallpaper print. 


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