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Fresh by Alex!

(updated 7/29/13 )

So this is my first ever font I've ever designed in vector form.  I drew from many sources of inspiration.  The style I was going for was a very clean digital look, but not too formal.  It's not very handrawn to me, but I still like it.  I learned a lot from the process of doing this (I'm already working on a new font!).  I don't have the the program fontlab, so it's not available as an actual font...yet.  I'm sure there's other ways of making the font usable, so I'm in the process of finding out and when I do, I'll make this font available for download for anyone who is interested. Enjoy and give me your feedback Please!

(p.s. I'll also add numbers and punctuation to this font later)

To start things off a simple sketching exercise just to get some ideas flowing.  I spent about 5 minutes on each set of shapes. (6.17.13)

Below, I have collected a few examples (4) of typography that appeal to me.  Two (top right and bottom left) have a very handwritten feel, but have a certain formality to them that I like.  The other two appeal to me because of the smoothness and rounded aspects of the curves.

Below, I have drafted two very different fonts.  For the first, I was trying to achieve a pencil stroke kind of feel with thin strokes that have a very slight contrast.

For the second, I wanted to achieve a rounded block type of look.  I found it challenging to stay consistent with the widths of the characters, but it's coming along nicely.  I'm unsure which one of these I will turn into vector form.  Any thoughts? 


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