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Fresh Patterns Tumblr Theme

****Inspiration Hunt July 16***

Here is a collection of tumblr themes and site layouts that I really dig, and would like to emulate for my custom tumblr theme.

Syndex: Tumblr theme that I see a lot and love. Great for image or video-based tumblrs.

Otis Premium Tumblr Theme- I love the colors, layout, and typography of this one. I like that the color choices were bold, and though it's minimal it didn't just use a white background.

Jumble- another Premium Tumblr theme. I really like the vast negative background space, the title floating on the left, and the random layout. Much like Syndex and the Disassemble Theme, see below. Really subtle coloring, which I also like, and nice typography when there is a text post.

Disassemble Theme 3.0 - This is one that I currently use and really like. It's image-focused, but as the images get further down the page they are resized so that multiples fit in jumbled up rows. I think this keeps it looking fresh even when I'm posting a bunch of images that are the same size.

Also, like a lot of these that I'm listing- I like that the navigation is split into four corners of the screen or really minimally at the bottom.

From Site Inspire - Jens Lehmann's official homepage (

Again- love the focus on big, uncropped images, love the border around the edges, love the 4 corner navigation.

Chloe Park's Portfolio Site (from Site Inspire,

Because I love the flat look, I really like the big 2-column grid and typography and color scheme here.

And lastly, here's some terrible blurry screenshots of the Beyonce Countdown video, which may be irrelevant- but I'm obsessed with the aesthetic in it. Particularly the frequent appearance of grids and the amazing color scheme.


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