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Sasha-Shae Shaw

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Fresh Medley Re-brand

Hi there! So I am re-designing my portfolio site as the one I have didn't truly reflect me.

The Brand/My Portfolio:

My Creative Brief

Background: Sasha-Shae is a Visual Artisan and blogger that specializes in web and graphic design, whose current identity does not reflect her aesthetics or vision and personality

Objective: to position herself as a sought after professional in her field and to have her brand be reflective of her personality and skillset

Target Audience: Educated men and women seeking attention to detail oriented design, those who appreciate playful yet sophisticated arts

Message: with a genuine love for arts and design, Sasha-Shae seeks to bring even the tiniest of details to the forefront in a truly majestic way so your visions and dreams can be a reality

Competition: other blogger based designers.

Distinguishing Characteristics:
1. Approachable and friendly

2. Task oriented

3. Loves to bring creative visions to life

4. Jovial and down to earth approach on design

Creative Considerations:
1. Must use gold and lime green in color scheme
2. Patterns are acceptable

Tone or Key Words:
1. Sophisticated
2. Classic
3. Vibrant
4. Playful
5. Serene


Version 1 - not used

Updated Moodboard (added 4/24/14):

This version sits better with me and more closely reflects my aesthetics: clean, elegant and fun (and of-course pops of brightness). I also included a few font samples that I like in this version.


I know I want something that screams sophisticated with the black and white, with pops of Chartreuse/lime (green is my fave color), and I love gold and gilded things!! The accent colors I think would work for small uses throughout the brand..but we shall see.

Color Palette:





Accent Colors of Fuschia and Plum


Sans-Serif: Verb

Serif: Playfair Display

Patterns and Icons:



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