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Fresh Botanic Paintings by Emily Good

First, here is the link to my etsy shop:

I love to paint fresh modern botanics, and saw etsy as a great place to sell my work. At the moment I have only original paintings on the site, but will branch out into prints as well.  

My paintings for Lemonkind are clean, fresh and modern. I paint botanics from a different perspective, leaving the background clear to maximalize the effect of the plant.  My work looks great by itself, or as a grouping of three, and would make a lovely addition to homes of any style.  

I have never been great at marketing myself or at backend business-y type stuff, but it's no good to keep creating when your work has nowhere to go!  

So I'm here on skillshare trying to up my game, and hopefully bring a lot more traffic to my site.  

I would absolutely love any critique or suggestions. 

Lemonkind is also the name of my webshop where I sell home accessories not designed by me, so I carried the name over to my etsy shop.  The logo and background are the same.  I may change the background in the future to more reflect the paintings that are for sale on my etsy page. 

Here are a few images from the shop so far:

I decided to photograph my paintings as soon as they are finished while they are still on the table.  I then take more photos of them against a white background for a cleaner view.  I think it would be a good idea for me to put them all in a frame, and photograph them that way, so people can see what they look like on the wall as well.  

Here is my personal profile.  I have yet to complete the about page for the etsy shop. 


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