Fresco Portraits

Fresco Portraits - student project

Wow, this was a truly awesome class! Thank you so much Molly! Ive heard great things about Adobe Fresco - but I haven’t had the opportunity to use it too much. Now that I know the basics (and then some!) , I’m excited to work it into client and personal projects. There is something really comforting and grounding about the look of the live brushes - who knew digital art could feel so real! 

I used a photoboth strip of my mom and her best friend in 1969 at the Arizona state fair as my reference - and they're both so pleased with it, I'm for sure winning daughter of the year. :P 

Here's the portraits with photobooth format, and a photo of the original strip :) 

Fresco Portraits - image 1 - student project

Fresco Portraits - image 2 - student project


Again, thanks for an awesome class, I truly LOVE your illustration style and it was so fun to get to step away from how I normally illustrate portraits and challenge myself with some fun new tools! 

xx Blaise