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This is the project I'm creating for myself. As I'm not a professional in this area and I have no design background I'd appreciate any suggestions along the way.

I went through this course some times ago and it gave me more clarity about the brand identity I want to communicate. However when I started to actually apply the result (inside my sales pages and webinar presentations for example) I've found myself a little bit limited and... boring.

So I decided to restart and this time share my work on the project as I go through it.

My first objective is to create a brand identity for my personal brand (site and free study materials) and then expand it within the membership site of courses and paid programs.


This was my first mood board. From that I picked a red and blue colors. As I wanted my main colors to be "blue-white-red" French flag.

But honestly I didn't like those colors very much.

And now I know why.

By the end of the last year I discovered the "How to fascinate" system from Sally Hogshead. There is a lot of gems in there. And speaking of visual representation the one that gave me the understanding was related to the colors that are associated with values and characteristics.

For example I don't like green, yellow and pure blue - and those are the colors representing the advantages I'm not scored high in (alert, innovation and trust). Pure blue is my dormant trust. And my highest are prestige (purple), passion (red), mystique (teal).

This system helped me better understand what dream clients I want to attract. I asked my current clients to do the assessment and I've discovered that the people I enjoy to work with are usually sharing the same distinct values with me (prestige and passion) and vice versa - the one's I have hard time working with are mainly trust and alert.

That gave me an idea to re-evaluate the colors I like to use in my brand identity and the whole visual image I produce from my brand.





Elena Kozliakova is a French language online teacher and a certified examiner of French language as a foreign language international exams. For now she doesn't have a clear and concise visual representation of her brand.

To create a brand identity that could reflect Elena's personality and attract her dream clients.

Mainly women but also men 20-35 years old with a high education degree or currently obtaining it. They are studying French as their first or second (third) foreign language or beginning to study it for their personal, educational or professional goals.

(Hardly can find exact or close equivalents in English to express it)

With kindness and delicacy Elena will help you to become fluent in French for your studies and/or work abroad. She will become your personal go to sourse and mentor in studying foreign languages and will provide you with insightfull answers to you questions.

Other French language online teachers and courses like Alliance Française and some other language schools.

• Gives in the know answers to your questions
• Provides a friendly, interesting and creative atmosphere for your classes
• Adjusts your knowledge and language skills in accordance with European language learning standards
• Teaches you how to organize your self-studying practice
• Becomes your personal mentor in language learning and adaptation in day to day life in a new country

• Use black, white, red, teal, purple and feminine press style
• Try colors on black and white background
• Try logo wide (for the site) and square (for social media) format
• Will be used online (site, social media, webinar presentations) and must be ready for home print (e-books, printables)

• cosy-stylish
• friendly
• parisian
• creative
• feminine 


Here is the edited mood board. I replaced some images and added purple, teal and gold.


2. COLOR  (update 22/03/2015)

Playing with colors I came up with those.

I put them in the mood board trying to figure out if they fit in it. As I said in the brief I wanted to have a variety of colors to pick from for sales pages, webinar presentations and social media updates. Of course I'll not use them all at ones.

I think I'll stick mainly with the neutral black/white/gold/gray. I also added a colored palette in normal, pale and glitter variations. Normal is for the basic use on site and in presentations with some glitter accents.

And the pale version is for printables (I may change some colors after I'll try to print them). I thought about a pale version because of other workbooks I often print at home. If they use too bright colors it may be a decision to print them or not because of the ink.


Am I too amateurish and unprofessional with all these colors - especially glittered ones?


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