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French the Llama?

Hi! My name is Maria and this is my very first project on Skillshare I would like to share. 
French the Llama is a something that author and YouTuber John Green says a lot in his videos so I thought I'd illustrate it as some kind of a (clothing maybe?) company. 

This is my initial sketch for the project. Of course, I wanted a llama somewhere in it and I explored different ideas but I thought the circled one would fit best what I was trying to acomplish.


Then I started drawing the letters. I loved Nick's tip to in fact add notes on your sketches, I can't believe how I've never thought of it before. 


This ended up being my final sketch. 


After tracing the llama with Image Trace and drawing the letters with the Pen Tool it looked like this:


Drawing the letters with the Pen Tool using so little anchor points was definitely the hardest part of the class for me. It was my first time doing it and after so many hours spent tweaking those anchor points, it still doesn't look exactly like I wanted it to.



Once the whole thing was vectorized, it all got very easy for me. I had already made my own grunge brushes before so I had fun making with texture in Photoshop.





And this is my final result: 


Thank you for the great class, I really enjoyed working on this project and learned a lot of useful tricks and tips! 


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