French press

Beans: Peru Cajamarca grinded around 4 to 5 days ago (which isn't ideal, I know, but currently don't have any kind of grinder in my kitchen)

Heated the water to almost boiling point, while measuring the weights with the coffee:water ratio recommended in this course. Used a 1:14 ratio, which translates into my case to 16g of coffee for 220g of water. I put the 16g of coffee in the french press and started pouring the water while starting my chronometer. Unfortunately, I got hasty and didn't let it bloom, but poured everything quite slowly and evenly. I let it sit around 4 minutes (+-5-7 seconds), plunged the filter, then started pouring.

Tasting part

Sweetness: a tad sweet a and easy on the mouth, which I like

Body: medium to light, for which I intended

Finish: Short finish and I would've liked a bit longer finish. Need to see how to make it a longer finish

Acidity: mildly acid, not overpowering. Probably would've been more acidic if I grinded the coffee at the time of the making

Flavors: I taste a little chocolate with some nuts, but then again my palate isn't that developed for coffee yet :)


Overall, brilliant experience. Thank you for all the tips and tricks! :)





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