French Press Coffee


I used a French Press with freshly ground beans today to brew a truly delicious cup of coffee!

Here was my process:

• Start boiling the water
• Grind the beans (medium grind)
• Pour some of the water into the cup, and some into the press to warm them
• Wait 2 minutes for water to cool a little bit
• I used a ratio of 14g water to 1g coffee for starters, with a medium roast Columbian coffee (nothing special)
• Put the coffee grinds into the press (dumped the water out first, of course!)
• Pour half the water into the press and wait about 2 minutes for the bubbles to dissipate
• Pour the rest of the water into the press and put the lid on
• Waited 3 minutes to steep
• Slowly pushed down the press
• Waited another 2 minutes
• Poured into my giant cup, and savoured!

The coffee was definitely a hundred times better tasting than when I used just the regular coffee machine. I drink my coffee black, but even so I think I would have preferred it a little stronger... perhaps 13 or 12 to 1 ratio. I think the steeping time was perfect, however. There was no bitterness, just a nice smooth flavour. Yum!


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