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French Fries With Tomato

My Food Inspiration

After considering several different foods for this project, and doodling a few to try them out, I decided to make a scene with French Fries as a character, talking to a small tomato character next to a bottle of ketchup to give the poor tomato some tension.

My Initial Sketch

This was the sketch I decided to start with.  I drew it out in pencil on paper, then scanned it in.


I had bought and installed Affinity Designer a few months ago, but just never got around to using it before this class inspired me to get back to it.  The class gave me the confidence to use the tool, with some very useful tricks in the demonstration which I applied as I watched to learn by doing.

Just in case others might be interested, here is my version of the ice cream cone character which is developed in the course videos.  I highly recommend following along by making your own project based on the instruction, to put into practice the techniques as they are demonstrated.  My version is a little different, but applying the same basic methods and features as they were shown made me much more comfortable when I started work on my own character project.  Using layers and gradients and several shortcuts as they were shown made me feel much more ready to tackle my first project.


Now back to the project...

My Vectorized Sketch

This was the inital blocking out of the sketch in vector objects.  I found it very helpful to put the scanned sketch image as the top layer, with the layer set to Multiply instead of Normal to keep the lines easily visible as I added the blocking on layers underneath of the sketch.


And this is what the image looked like after a bit of rearranging and resizing, with a few gradients added.


My Finished Character

After a lot more adjustments and getting lost in adding and refining details, this is what I ended up with.



The colors for the fries character were still bugging me, and a few other details felt like they needed touching up.  Here is the final result with some additional polish.



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