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French Floral Greetings

This is my first time doing a project like this.  For the first time in 10 years I have time to myself because both of my children are in school (yay!), so I've made it a goal to learn a new skill each week using skillshare in hopes of being able to pursue the art career I've always hoped for.

I must admit, I ran into a few bumps in the road in making this.  On day one, I went through all the work and finished the project and was very pleased with my end result but then I somehow accidently closed my pattern document and realized I had never pushed save once (dumb of me I know, but I've gotten rusty in these 10 years of mama-dom).  To say I was frustrated was putting it mildly, but I got right back on the horse today.  

My second attempt, I started doing all my work on the wrong layer so then I had to start over once again.  

Third times a charm worked like magic.  

Here are my original sketches.  I didn't end up using everything I had drawn as it seemed a little too much once I got it on the board. 


Here is my artboard with all the fun colors I played around with.  I may end up using a few of them together to make a box of greeting cards in varying colors.


And here is my end result: 


Overall I'm very happy with the result and I really enjoyed playing around with the different color palettes with the pattern.  I'm hooked and plan on experimenting soon with more patterns and color choices. 

Edit:  I checked on printing prices with a local printer and found the cost a little more than I was expecting so until I get a better printer myself, I decided I'd give Zazzle a try.  I ended up just using the pattern in a different shade for the greeting card but I may add more soon in different styles.  You can check that out here: Zazzle La Fleur Greeting card  I'm also going to give Spoonflower a go.  I ordered a fabric swatch last night of this same color combination to see how it would look.  I'm a little bit giddy.



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