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French Cake Shop Project

I am very excited to be taking this class as I have always loved the look of watercolor effect in graphic design. I decided on a fictious French Patisserie as my company. I love France, as a child I would go with my family on vacation, travelling down from the north of England where I grew up. We really did explore, travelling through major cities as well as stunning countryside. I also love cake and really anything sweet and so if I had the skills and the drive to be up at 3am preparing delicious treats for everyone to enjoy, this is what I would own.

I named by fictitous bakery 'Le Petite Miette' which translates to The Little Crumb. Its descriptor is "Patisserie'..

The brand attributes I gave this brand are:
- creative (Small works of edible art, beautiful soft colours, like a watercolour paint box)
- modern (Inventive, new flavours and decoration, a nod to the traditional but different)
- fresh (Freshest and best quality ingredients, working with the seasons, 'fresh out of the oven')
- happy (Everyone leaves with a smile, sights, sounds, all contributing to raising the mood)

I compiled these logos, most of them being from the local area, some of them French, some of them not.


I think my favourites here are the logos for Cafe Madeleine and Orange Blossom.

I also created a moodboard to consolodate how I would want my patisserie to look and feel.


I am very excited and ready to move onto the next phase of this class. I am following the 2 week program which is great! Its a fantastic motivator and keeps me focused by spliting it up into bitesized chunks!

Part 2

As I have a very busy weekend coming up, I wanted to post my work for part 2 as I go. Here I have some typography examples! It was extreamly fun to shop around for new fonts! I used fonts that were all free because my brand is fictious.


(Descriptor font altered after Teela's recommendation)

I wanted to stear away from the very traditional French patisserie style of typography which tends to be more formal. The most formal I wanted to go was with #2. This font is called 'Pirot' and I font the link on Teela's blog. Thank you Teela! I also love the idea of a handwritten style font, especially for a business where people are working with their hands.

I would very much appreciate feedback on which anyone thinks may work well. I have some favorites myself but I want to hear opinions. I also used a font that came with photoshop for the descriptor. I wanted something unfussy and clear. I am trying to decide if it fits or not. Again, I would love to hear what anyone thinks.

Now on to the next phase.... the base logo!!

So due to a very busy weekend with guests visiting, I didnt get to play around with designing my own vector too much. However, I did find a flourish that was a freebie on Teela's website that I really liked!! It came from a set and I had a good play around with the different flourishes and combining them. In the end, I decided on this one. It reminds me of a fleur de lys. I also think that it gives me the opportunity to choose one of the fonts with more personality. 


So here are some examples of the watercolour addition. I initially wanted to have a round watercolour texture, but found that it just wasnt popping enough with the yellow one in the pack, so I started dabbling around with the more abstract shapes. I did some examples with a red texture and a orange one. Im not going to rule out perhaps making my own watercolour texture, I would really like a sunny yellow and rich fushia pink. I would love to hear thoughts on these! :)



Just as a side note for the 4th logo, rather than using white for the flourish, I picked a colour from right around the edge of the texture, very soft, almost peach. I thought it helped the text to pop.

My Choice:



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