Joshua Ganyon

Goat of the Year during Year of the Goat



Fremont ↔ Pioneer Square | Seattle, WA

I spent all of last week thinking about this project: how is my commute different from others'?

I started by trying to mine for data -- I thought it would be interesting to check out my listening history on SoundCloud during the commute and see if there are any trends. Unfortunately they don't allow you to track your listening history yet.

I was inspired to start tracking all kinds of things: my mood (gayness index), my weight, how much exercise I'm doing. I found this phone app called Trackthisforme that will give you a great overview of stats, including min, max and average. They also help you track your own satisfaction with the numbers you enter each day.

In the meantime, I've made this graphic trying out some methods I've been reading about in data visualization books. I tried to incorporate several layers of information to develop some complexity. I believe I've managed to include:

Rough geographic location (pinpoints on map)

Amount of time at location (area of pie graph)

How time at location is spent (pie graph sections)

Mode of transport to location (small symbols & dashed/solid line)

Cost & time of transport (text label)


For future projects, I may stack smaller pie graphs to eliminate negative space lingering as seen on the right of this graphic.

Thank you for an awesome class. I'm really inspired to use data and steer away from "chartjunk."


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