Isa André




Freelance illustrator

First, thanks for this classe! It helps me to organise my thoughts.

Here is my manifesto to earn my life with illustration.

I’m good at:

- drawing with several technic of illustration (hand and digital drawing)

- Photoshop, Illustrator

- create image that tells story, give sense

- graphic design, composition, typography

- sense of aesthetics

- technical requirement (web and print)

I want to spend my day:

- wake up early

- drawing every day (at least one hour)

- manage my network every day

- and once or twice a week, see people, go to events…

I want to:

- create illustrations for magazine/newspaper/book, and ad agencies

- have my own artwork production to sell or exhibit

How other people benefit:

- I can give value to a text/article

- I can create an emotional connection with the reader

- I have technical knowledge (web and print)

- I’m professional and involved

Business promotion:

- I have to develop social media and get more followers

- weekly email campain (art director, art buyers, editors…)

- I’d like to be present at professionnal events - I have to translate my website in english (


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