Sofia Lenz




Freelance illustrator starts to draw to became a working illustrator

Why I signed up

I signed up for the class, because nothing else helped. I studied design for six years and I'm trying to make a living as an illustrator for a year. Basically, my taste improves, but my ability to draw is not. To be honest, I did  almost nothing for eight years except for finals. Last year finals didn't exist anymore, I did three pictures only. But I want to be a professional illustrator so badly, no other way is possible. Now I will do my homework. (Between, I'm learning English now seriouslyon wit a native speaker, excuse me for my mistakes)

Habit Personality Type

Type 1: Upholder - Small tendency

Type 2: Questioner - Extremely strong tendency

Type 3: Rebel - Moderate tendency

Type 4: Obliger - Very strong tendency

Consistent habit in the past

That's hard. Nothing? Brush my teeth...


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