Freelance Makeup Artist

Freelance Makeup Artist - student project

My love for makeup and the beauty industry started way back in high school in 2007. I loved the advertisements, TV and film industry makeup the most. I thought a career in makeup artistry meant to sticking to bridal and prom makeup. Once I got into it I realized where I wanted to be would be harder then I expected. So I have been on and off for a long time doing free work for photographers and students. Makeup artistry has come a long way from when I first got into. The first lesson in this workshop has put me in a different mind set about where I want to be. I think it's opened my eyes to being persistent, working harder, and putting myself out there. I am currently working on branding myself, setting up a proper website and to keep working on my craft. The picture I posted is work I did over a year ago. I loved it. I reminds me of something I would find in a Vogue magazine.