Freelance Illustrator

Freelance Illustrator - student project

Hi Monica , really enjoying your class and learning a lot from it. Below is my freelancer's manifesto.

I want to be able to quit my day job and make a living off my illustration work.

What are you good at?

-illustrating POC characters

-greetings cards that feature ethnic characters


-visual storytelling

How do you want to be spending your days?


-writing my own stories

-meeting new people and interacting with other artists

-learning new skills and improving

-illustrating children's books. Growing up, I didn't find many books that featured POC characters or characters that looked like me or reflected my culture.  I would like to create these kinds of stories and illustrations for the next generation of readers.

-completing illustration/ artwork commissions

what do you want to produce?

-illustrations for children's books

-my own merchandise that features my illustration work e.g. stationery, t shirts etc

Benefits to others

-emotional connection with my work

-getting people thinking

-my character illustration should inspire and empower others

How will you make people know?

-I'm already on instagram, twitter and tumblr where I post my artwork regular

-I need to set up my website and online store

-print business cards/ artist postcards- word of mouth

-tailor my portfolio to include children's book illustration work

Thank you,