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Freelance Illustrator

What you’re good at

  • drawing
  • painting
  • digital illustration
  • linocut
  • making funny characters
  • create very colorful images

How you want to be spending your days

I would like spend some specific time for work (4 or 5 hrs). Any other time for my personal projects, courses and daily routine. And for entertainment and walks of course x)

What you want to produce

  • create illustrations for books
  • make linocut and sell prints
  • create characters\mascots
  • make zines and comics
  • learn about new drawing techniques
  • make some merch x)

How others will benefit from working with you

I really like share information & places of inspiration. My art can cheer up x)

.. and how you’ll make them know about your services



Facebook (soon)

Vkontakte (rus)

Livejournal (rus)

Thanks for class!

It really helps to understand what I want to do as a freelancer.


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