Freelance Goal

Freelance Goal - student project


Maite Valdivia Elcarte

Personal Goal:

To write every day on the journal

To write short stories at least one in a month.

Start writing a novel.

Professional Goal:

To  translate documents, 

To write Journals related to social issues

I would like to write about art, I am living in a place where is art is taking place as tourism is the main economic income.


My Freelancing ‘Why’:

I have a lot of imagination. I live in a country where it needs a new way of thinking. I am a master´s degree student, and at this moment I am not working. This pandemic has made me think to contribute to society with one of my passions.

My Desired Content:

Write about humanitarian and social issues, art, touristic places, and copywriting

My Desired Rate(s):

20 $ per hour

20$ - 100 $ depending on the project

My Bandwidth/Time Estimate:

10 hours per week


I need to look for more information

Website (if applicable):

Not applicable

My Social Media (if applicable): 

Instagram: @maite.251