Freelance Goal Sheet



  • Mahnoor khan

Personal Goal:

  • To write stories and pieces that inspire deep emotional connection within the reader

Professional Goal:

  • To write children's stories with my own illustrations
  • To write a fantasy novel

My Freelancing ‘Why’:

  • I enjoy diversity in my work, freelancing offers that by having a plethora of different types of work.
  • Along my self discovery journey, I grew increasingly dissatisfied by the industry I chose to get my bachelor's and masters in Health Sciences. I found that I enjoy writing words with intuition, emotion and an intrinsic knowledge.
  • I worked a 9-5 job, it made me highly frustrated as it ties me to a desk and a location where i have to complete my hours
  • I am an introvert by nature with less than effective communication skills. So freelancing allows me to remain in my comfort zone.
  • I am also empathetic, artistic, creative and intellectually adventurous, so freelancing provides a door to work on different projects.

My Desired Content:

To work on projects that require exploring and researching:

  • Human psychology emotions
  • Building fictional scenarios and content
  • Scientific writing or academic writing from time to time on Health related subjects
  • Social issues 

My Desired Rate(s):


My Bandwidth/Time Estimate:

20 hours per week.

Sources: N/A

Website (if applicable):N/A

My Social Media (if applicable):



Instagram: @mahnoorkhan_95