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Freelance Flyer - Helping writers fly their freelance flag high

Freelance flyer is a blog that's going to show freelance writers their freelancing isn't a hobby. It's a business.

Who is your audience?

Freelance writers who can't seem to find writing work that pays well and as a result don't feel like professionals. They don't believe or even think their freelance writing is a business. 

What is their problem?

They want to find better paying work. They want to know exactly where to find it. And how to get better paying work when they don't have writing samples they're proud of.

They need someone to tell them that it's okay to work for low pay as long as you use it as a ladder to step up to better and greater things.

They want to know the exact steps they must take to turn their freelance situation around.

How can you help?

By showing them how I did. By giving them 10 places to find better paying work (none of which are a content mill or a job board) in a free report. By giving them a freelance writer manifesto to believe in and live by and by making them realize that their freelancing is a business. And it requires them to treat it as such.

Storyline / Structure of the presentation:

During the course of watching the videos of lesson 2, I realized that the above made things too complicated. At the heart of it, The presentation is about the launch of my new freelancing blog and the corresponding free report.

Keeping that in mind, here is a list of slides I've come up with:

  1. Introducing:
  2. Another freelancing blog?
  3. Kill me already!
  4. Not so fast
  5. This one's different
  6. How?
  7. Most freelancing blogs say the same thing
  8. Don't write for low pay
  9. Don't sell yourself short
  10. Don't get stuck in a rut
  11. Just a lot of DON"TS
  12. Freelance Flyer tells you to DO
  13. Do whatever you have to do
  14. Write for low pay
  15. Sell yourself short
  16. Get stuck in a rut
  17. Do anything to get your foot in the door
  18. You've got nothing to be ashamed of
  19. Just start, move forward and don't look back
  20. What's stopping you?
  21. Don't know where to start?
  22. I've got just the thing!
  23. Free report: 10 Surprising Places to Fine Freelance Writing Clients 
  24. Want it?
  25. Download now at
  26. See you on the other side!


I just uploaded my deck at SlideShare:

The three people I've shown it to love it. They even asked me for a link to this class which I very happily gave.


So after feeling like an idiot, I went back to the drawing board and made a few changes.

I came up with a twitter friendly headline: "Why The World Needs Another Freelance Writing Blog"

Also moved the story line around a bit.

I haven't tinkered with the fonts too much. If you still don't think they're working together Tomas, let me know and I'll go with the basic windows ones.

Reuploaded the deck at SlidesShare. Hoping this time it passes inspection :)


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