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Esther Van der Drift

Fashion & Beauty Illustrator



Freelance Fashion Illustrator Manifesto

I currently work as a user experience designer in the hospitality industry, and spend my evenings and weekends as a freelance fashion illustrator. I like having a steady day job that pays the bills and allows me to overlap. This way I can protect my passion by not being financially dependent on my creative work right away. I can afford to say no to bad clients and only take on projects I like. In about 2 years I'd like to be able to quit my day job and pursue a career in fashion illustration full time.

  1. What am I good at? I'm a quick learner and creative problem solver. I'm also good at telling stories, either through text, (fashion) illustration or (product) photography. I pay great attention to detail in all of my endeavours.
  2. How do I want to be spending my days? I want to be working from home in a dedicated studio/office space. I'd love to wake up early and have time to exercise before I get to work. Before I even open my email or start browsing the internet, I want to be creating. I believe after a good night's sleep and some morning exercise, my creativity will be at its peak. After lunch it's time to attend to my email and online / social media presence. The late afternoons are perfect for gathering inspiration for future projects or blog posts. Ideally I'd like to have time to cook dinner for me and my significant other. I want to spend my evenings enjoying each other's company and pursuing secondary passions.
  3. What do I want to produce? I want to diversify my income through client work, products and teaching. My main source of income will be client work. I want to produce quality fashion illustrations for various media and brands. Ideally I'd also like to license some of my work to create passive income. Products could be in the form of art prints or other products with my illustrations printed on them. I'd also like to offer digital downloadable products such as printable fashion croquis for other aspiring illustrations to use in their projects, or styled stock images to beautifully display their own work. Teaching will initially be in the form of free blog posts, but I also like the idea of offering an online (paid) course. I'm a strong believer in "share what you learn, teach everything you know" (Seanwes).
  4. How do other people benefit from working with me? My illustrations can help tell a story for the client. They will hook the reader or viewer and get the product or article the attention they seek. My products can make your home a more beautiful place, or help you sell your own work. Through my teaching I will help other people learn how to draw and make it in the industry.
  5. How will people find me? People will find me through my personal website (coming soon), Pinterest or Instagram. On my personal website I want to highlight my portfolio, show my process through various case studies, and sell my products and services. Right now most of my clients find me through Instagram. It's a really great platform for fashion illustrators to share their work and network with other creatives. Pinterest works well for promoting blog posts, especially if you have compelling featured images.


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