Freelance Editor/Designer & Author Professional Online Platform

Freelance Editor/Designer & Author Professional Online Platform - student project

I don't have a startup (currently) to use with this project but I have been thinking that I need to create a proper online platform for myself. The problem I've been having is that I have multiple hats: freelance editor/graphic and web designer, health/wellness author, science writer/educator, amateur herbalist, amateur photographer and college lab manager (to name a few).

Clearly, a few of those are strictly personal and do not need to be an official part of a professional platform.  If I use Adeo Ressi's Madlibs formula, I come up with something like the following:

Defined Offering: editing, website design, wellness books, fiction
Target Audience: writers and readers of books about health/wellness and/or science fiction, fantasy or other forms of imaginative fiction
Solve a Problem: help fellow authors become published, share knowledge/ideas
Secret Sauce: medical and science background, multicultural perspective & experience

This should inform how I might structure a website for myself as well as the content.  There are also the social media sites to consider. I welcome any thoughts.

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Naya G

Author, Editor, Designer