Freelance Designer: Emily Ann Cleveland

Freelance Designer: Emily Ann Cleveland - student project

I'm a freelance graphic designer who started this freelance journey in March of 2020 (great timing, huh?) Because work has been slow I decided to use this for a project. I created this logo today and wanted to throw it on some stickers to see what it would look like. What do y'all think?

I'm a huge fan of Aaron Draplin's work but who isn't? I really loved learning about all the merch he has explored with. I am curious about how much he spent on all of it. Aaron's thought process in designing merch is so much fun; it's fun for him as well as the person who buys it (i.e. the water bottle or the pen). I am worried to make something that I think is cool and people hate - but I guess that's just part of it. I am excited to try a tote bag. 


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Emily Cleveland
Freelance Designer