Freelance Designer: Emily Ann Cleveland

Freelance Designer: Emily Ann Cleveland - student project

I am a freelance graphic designer, dog mom, and runner. I am inspired by people I meet and places I've traveled.

I am almost always wearing black and when I am at home you can bet I am in my cheetah print slippers. When I'm not at home, you can find me enjoying a chai tea latte with someone I convinced to go to the coffee shop with. 

My favorite kind of work is branding/rebranding and UI design. My favorite project I have worked on is an app I made up called Lick. This project is a social media app for dog lovers. It is like IG and FB, except for people that post too much about their dogs on social media. Why this app is better than FB or IG for dog lovers? The answer is: you can post to a location. Ex. I am traveling with my dog to Denver, Co. and want to know the best dog friendly bar. I can create a post that shows up on everyones feed that lives in Denver so they can recommend this place to me. (I attached an image of the app below, to see more visit my portfolio which is also linked below). 

Stalk me on IG: @emilyanncleveland

View my portfolio at: 

Want to collaborate with me? Shoot me an email: [email protected] 


Freelance Designer: Emily Ann Cleveland - image 1 - student project