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Jared Parmenter

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Freelance Business Cards

Design specs:

  • Utilize my simple website logo in conjunction with the project guidelines
  • Should present a feeling of clear simplicity, balance, and logic...
  • ...along with a touch of unexpected surprise
  • Deliver an interested viewer to a website, vs traditional contacts
  • Direct eye movement via whitespace

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3, variations a & b:

Test 4, variations a, b, c, d

At first I tried to make separate, equal-width columns and gutters to divide the card into fourths corresponding to each part of my name, but this looked horrible (not pictured).  Instead I went for an irregular-width set of grids corresponding to the width of each part of my name set at equal font size vertically, and divided the vertical space with horizontal grids accomodating the blocks of info, and a full width negative space divider. I then tacked on some extra space for the logo ascender and padded it about with a half-column's extra space.

Definitely a work in progress.  I'm liking the echo of the graphic element's outline in the alignment and spacing of the info/by-line text on the right.  Considering playing around with the whitespace even more, and still unsure of the box shadow grey on the graphic element poking out from the page (ala 4.a/b/cover) or flush with the card's side.

Comments or advice welcome!  I'm just beginning =)


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