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Freelance Art Director manifesto

  • What you’re good at
  • Creating ideas and concepts, both commercially and artistically. What I love is to enhance music and/or stage experiences with visuals
  • Multimedia style that combines handdrawn images with photos and videos digitally.
  • Being curious and learning new things.
  • Knowledge of possibilities with multimedia, projections, mapping and sensors.


  • How you want to be spending your days
  • Like variations, working both my hand and computer
  • Also like variating working alone and with people.
  • Would eventually like an office to better separate work and freetime.
  • Want to learn something new/or create something every day.


  • What you want to produce
  • Visuals for stageshows, both music and drama.
  • Art films and interactive installations
  • (probably some concept work,motion graphics, and graphic design in between)

  • How others will benefit from working with you
  • Give the audience a greater experience and make them feel they have experienced something unique.
  • Diverse background means I can take on broader projects.
  • (Graphic design and advertising: Better communication through well thought out ideas and visual communication)
  • .. and how you’ll make them know about your services
  • Networking
  • People that have seen some of my other events
  • Knock on the right collaborators doors (or simply email people I would like to know)
  • Should make a facebook page
  • … and print business cards

Keep my webpage( and Linked-in updated.


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