Ilse Meijer

Junior Animator



Freelance Animator

What you’re good at

Animation, Graphic Design, simple illustrations and writing


How you want to be spending your days

Being creative and doing what I love (while being less insecure).


What you want to produce

Animations (mainly After Effects) and graphic design and illustration on the side.


How others will benefit from working with you

  • They will have a production that will help them promote or explain their product.
  • They will have a design that is catching and will put their company in a good light.
  • I will integrate storytelling in animations to get people’s attention and have an emotional connection to the story

How you’ll make them know about your services

By having several social media accounts and a website to promote myself. But also by word of mouth. I want to search through some websites for freelance assignments and apply for those.


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