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Freedom or Death


Here is a scan of my layout for the final project. It is all hand drawn and lettered, I still need to work with it in Illustrator but I believe it will most likely stay mostly the same. Some changes I am going to make are with the first "Me" as well as the lines flanking it. I believe I am going to also add something to either side of "Give Me". All of the lettering needs to be tweaked here and there otherwise. Any suggestions are welcome, I want this to turn out as good as it possibly can and being my first foray into hand lettering I am sure there are improvements to be made. 


This is my kerning practice, hopefully its well done and right haha...The font is Born and can be found here, its a very well done and beautiful piece of work.

Here are my fonts. I went with the very first font that came to mind for all of them. Sporty made me thing of vintage sport teams jerseys and although Grand Hotel wouldn't have typically been my first choice its the most retro sportish font I have. I've always had a love for traditional tattoos and thats where True Love comes into play for beautiful. Satellite is a sans serif thin font that just screams simple to me, but in all the right ways. Blackout makes me think of the stereotypical ransom note and those are meant to be subtle and menacing but convey a loud message. Traditional brought to mind every single high school and college paper I have ever had to write. Mountain Retreat is one of my very favorite fonts and it makes me think of my own childhood. I don't think I need to explain Papyrus. I'm not sure if I was just having a rhyming moment but I think Ranger works quite well, with a bomber type look to it. Futura is another one of my go to and I think its the original futuristic font. Finally Matilde just popped into my head, it has a young girl writing a note in class to her favorite person, kind of feel to it. 


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