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Ian Barnard

Hand lettering Artist



Freedom is the oxygen of the soul

After being inspired by the work that The A21 Campaign do, working to fight human trafficking, including sexual exploitation and forced slave labor, and also a passage from Isaiah 61:1 - I searched out a quote that represented freedom and came across this one by Moshe Dayan.

"Freedom is the oxygen of the soul"

If my final piece is any good I can offer it to A21 for them to use in their promotional resources. If the design can inspire other people to help them that would be amazing.

I'm currently learning calligraphy, both classic and modern, so hoping to use that somehow! 

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I really love the stuff from the early 1900s, and the other day I came across a great book in a charity shop called 'Remember When - A nostalgic trip through the consumer era' by Robert Opie. It showcases packaging, advertising, film, posters, etc. from 1900s to the present day. That is where most of my mood board is from.


So I've been really busy with my freelance work, which is great, but it ment I couldn't get on with my Skillshare project. A job came along the other day for a nearby Church that need two poster for some Christmas events it was holding. Having been through the whole of Mary's videos I thought I'd give it a go at hand lettering the posters. I didn't have much time, so only did a couple of sketches. Amazingly they liked them. So I inked them up, scanned them in and adjusted them via illustrator, photoshop and indesign. Here is the result of my efforts and now hopefully I can get back on to my project!!

Another project I've recently done while trying to work on this one.



I've started work on producing my thumbnails. Here are the 8 ideas so far. Let me know what you think. 



Finally got round to inking up a version of the sketch. Not sure if I like it, so may try some of the others.


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