Free 'n Cheap

Free 'n Cheap - student project

I love New York, and even more than that, I love free stuff. I discovered a couple of years ago that New York has got a ton of free events to offer - some with free booze, others with free food, and even others with free swag. All you had to do was look for them, add yourself to some lists - and voila! you could be at the Heineken Product Launch party, or Gilt's New York Premiere party sponsored by Jaguar.  

What I soon realized however, is that most websites are designed poorly, providing for an awful user experience. Since there is no event company/site out there that impressed me, I decided to take it upon myself to combine my interest in technology with my passion for FREE. Thus, Free 'n Cheap was born (still toying with the website name - suggestions welcome!).

For now, I am using this class to develop a basic structure of the website. I know HTML & CSS from Codecademy, but never had the opportunity to put my study into practice.  I'm using Jonathan's class to brush up on some key concepts I learned a few months ago, hopefully providing the impetus I need to get this site going in a few months.

Now, back to the lecture...