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Sustainable Life Skills Coach-Learn to Mend



Free and premium

Watching your algorithm changes class in the days leading up to publishing my first and only class to date meant that from the first hour I shared both the free and premium links in all my main marketing actions (email newsletter, blog and skillshare discussions). On social media I just shared the free link.

Of my 110 enrollments so far, only 18 are free enrollments- mostly via my blog and skillshare. Hardly any of them are the social media freebie I shared several times. 

I'm going to do a few things differently with marketing the next class, but I don't think I need to change my  free link strategy since it worked helped get the first 25 in 3 days but didn't have much overall impact on the final numbers.  

Overall I feel like I had a successful debut on Skillshare and it has laid a good foundation for future classes.

Cheers, Meliors  A Beginners Guide to the Art of  Mending


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