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Free Speech Doesn´t Mean Careless Talk

 Hello guys, this is my first time using Illustrator or any other similar program (except Paint).

 I paint and draw  sometimes, but I'm very interested in learning Illustrator as a new skill as I think it is more in tune with my artistic interests.

 I chose this image which I saw posted on someone´s blog, and then found out is a WW2 poster promoting thoughfulness to people before spreading "war rumors".

 I thought this was a good piece to start since it includes image, type, as well as some texture.

 After watching video 2 from the 2nd unit I got to this point:

 Having some difficulties since my interface is a little different than our teacher's and still getting used to Illustrator.

 I just finished UNIT 3, and this is what I got!


 The thing that bugged me the most was the paintbrushed white background, anyone have any ideas on how to make it look more similar?

Otherwise I THINK I´m done.

 My project was kind of simple, but this class has taught me a lot.

 I wanna thank Brad for making this class possible, and wish good luck to everyone else in class!


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