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Free GTD Course at the Coworking place

DRIVE: Last year I get truly overwhelmed. Few months ago I steped back, and took Tiago's "Get Stuff done like a Boss" course at Skillshare... my life changed. Now i'm freaking doing shit, and is fun and healthier. As I see all my other colleagues overwhelmed, I would like to transfer them my experience.


1- Design a brand for the course, something like: "Get Sh*t done series - with Jose" as the title of a series of free courses placed at a coworking place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I'm sure this will be the first course talking about the GTD system ever. A cool logo will motivate me to prepare the slides and content. (update: DONE!)

2. Recollect all the necesary key resources frome different sources.

3. Prepare a basic cool presentation for a basic 1hour course (All the content should be translated to spanish)

4. Invite people to the course through the network.

5. Review what participants are expecting from the course to design the second course and repeat from step 2.


- Google Drive to share resources and upload the slides.

- Todoist, Evernote, Toggl


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