Mikesh Shah

Director - AltGmX Technology Pvt Ltd



Free Class - TRADEONOMICS - Impact of broad macroeconomic indicators on financial markets



Bond Pricing and Interest Rates

As a first class project students will price a bond instrument to demonstrate the inverse relationship between bond prices and interest rates in a spreadsheet.

The Impact of Growth, Inflation and Interest Rates on Bond, Stock and FX rates

Students will also identify the impact of broad macroeconomic indicators such as growth, inflation and interest rates on stock, bond and foreign exchange rates in the same spreadsheet.

Project Goal

The objective of this project is to demonstrate an understanding of how the broad macroeconomic factors such as growth (as measured by GDP), inflation (as measured by CPI, PPI and GDP price deflators), interest rates (eg discount rates/required rate of return) impact the bond, stock and FX prices/rates.



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