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Milestone #1: Customer Persona, Validation Board, and Customer Development Interviews

Free Athena's target customer watches free documentary films and open university lectures online. They consume these pieces of educational for fun (entertainment, personal enrichment, and as a hobby). Free Athena's target audience currently spends time on sites such as Top Documentary, iTunes University, and Academic Earth. After consuming free online educational curriculum, Free Athena's target customer often searches the internet for more material related to that piece of curriculum. They are often disappointed. Free Athena solves a problem by offering the target customer educational material related to their interest.

Five takeaways from consumer interviews:

  1. Almost everyone dabbles in hobby or entertainment learning online.
  2. Entry points for free educational media are often by suggestion (friends, or institutional such as Netflix)
  3. After consuming, people routinely search Wikipedia, and Google for related material on their media.
  4. The searches consumers make for related material often lead down "rabbit holes", taking too much energy from the consumer.
  5. University Courses are behind Doc-Films in consumer attention.

Customer Persona:


Validation Board:


Customer Development Interviews


Milestone #2: Storyboards and Low-Fi Wireframes

Here are the storyboards and low-fi wireframes for this week's milestone. Please leave a comment, and let me know where your homework is so I can review it.  

Free Athena is a website that collects all the good free documentary movies, and university lectures. The home page is a "magazine section" describing in articles the best media, and the second page is a search results for the videos themselves.  



Low-Fi Wireframes:


Milestone #3: Usability Testing on Magazine Page

FREE ATHENA is a video aggregating website for educational videos such as documentary films and university lectures. Our home page is in a Magazine format where we show articles about the videos on our site.  

We suspected that from looking at our magazine home page, customers might not know that we are primarily a video hosting website.  

Assumption to Test:

Our Magazine Homepage Implies We Host Videos


We asked seven customers to look at our home-page, with a matrix of a majority of interviewees understanding we host videos.



Solution Hypothesis:

We changed our wireframe to include more video oriented graphics and cues.

Compare wireframes here:


We are glad to have caught this before coding a homepage that wouldn't fit our needs. Now we feel we are on a better track  Will you please check out the wireframes and offer your feedback? Thank you.

Jeremy Steinman


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