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Freckled Canvas


So if I had a $0.00 budget (no color ink!) I could do something like this to package small prints/cards:

And with color prints/stickers:

I really can't justify spending $ to play around too much with this but it is fun looking around my house to see what I can use to turn into packaging. I don't own a scanner, Illustrator, or even a color printer. I'll keep playing with it over the next couple of days.


I don't have a scanner or Illustrator/Photoshop so I can't really clean this up how I'd like to, but that's ok because it's still good practice. This started looking more and more like Mexican-style tattoo art, which I wasn't planning, but I do like it so I went with it. Our Arizona roots go back to when Arizona was still part of Mexico so it's fitting I suppose. I showed it to a few people and some have pointed out that the lined background has a copper look to it. Copper is a big in AZ. Also, the flowers at the sides of the quail are cactus blossoms. Then of course the quail are indiginous to AZ. So this little design really did turn out to be very inspired by my home state even though I wasn't intending for that to happen. 


Progress so far:

I'm second guessing the lettering I wanted to use in the banner. I want something simple but unexpected. I'm also debating whether or not to add some faint lettering above the heads in the lined area, like a fading stamp of numbers or a date of some sort. 

Freckled Canvas is the name of a project my sisters and I are working on. I am going to illustrate their short stories and essays based on our childhood and daily lives. There is the possibility that we'd sell prints of my illustrations so I would like to design a label that would go on the paper or plastic sleeve that the prints are shipped in. Perhaps a large sticker or stamp.

I think my mood board shows the kinds of colors and lines I am drawn to. I am thinking I'd like to use some kind of brownish paper sleeve with a cardboard insert to package prints. I'd like the overall package to have a "dusty" feel to it if that makes sense. Kind of like I found someone else's old package and resused it. 

Good example of colors, use of animal, type of paper:

I like how the packaging below uses sharpie drawn on top of the label that is enclosed in the plastic sleeve. Drawing a couple quick lines around the outside of my label after it is applied. sounds like a nice personal touch. I don't want it to look too refined and definitely not as "cute" as the picture below.

I will update this space with sketches I am currently working on. I wish I had no real responsibilities and could do nothing but work on this! 

Background options:

Leaning to the one on the top right (pink eraser color).

 I'd like to use the image of a quail, or 3 quail heads. Maybe something in the style of this card I made (watercolor + ink).

I think I'd like to use a white ink pen for some of the embellishments but I don't own one of those so black ink it is for now.

^ So that will go on the watercolor background and I'll use ink to add more color and contour to the birds. Now I need to figure out how much color I want these birds to have. I feel like this is taking on kind of a Mexican tattoo feel. 


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