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Freaky Unicorn

I had some trouble figuring out what kind of a creature I was going to draw, but eventually I came up with the idea to do a different kind of unicorn since they are often drawn with little or no variation.

I kind of tried to draw some ideas from various animals besides horses, there's one head that's kind of boar like and a very deer inspired body and such like. I'm kind of partial to bodies 9, 6 and 7 but I'm not sure which heads I want to use. 

I ended up selecting the tapir head and since I don't usually draw tapirs that was the animal I selected for my study.

My refining sketches; I was pretty sure what I was going with at this point but I thought I'd try a little variation with a more rhino like skin, then a softer mane and a tufted tail but I ended up going with the erect mane and sort of dog/hyena inspired tail with boar like feet and kind of a mix in the skeleton

And then there was colour palettes. I really like the one on the top left but I ended up going with something similar to the bottom right pallet.

Posing! This was pretty challenging as this creature is outside the realm of what I usually draw (horses and lizard-like dragons.) I ended up choosing the bottom left pose.

I didn't save any lighting progress images but here is the final concept;

It's still got some rough edges since I didn't spend as much time making the creature fit with the background as I could have but I'm pretty happy with it.

Any critique or suggestions are still welcome of course. Let me know what you think!


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