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Freaks and Geeks

I became a huge fan of Freaks and Geeks after it came out on Netflix.  I still need to narrow down what episode I want to do but I want to capture the adolescence and awkwardness that go along with the show.  And definitely want to keep the early 80s vibe with the wood paneled walls, baseball t's, grunge jackets and high tube socks.

So I realize I may have fallen into the same problem that this is wayy too literal and I am completely open to ideas on how to collaborate the two worlds.  I picked the second episode of Beers and Weirs because it brought the Freaks and Geeks together.  We only really see the two groups together at the high school, but even then there is a huge divide.  I love the 80s styling of the house and would definitely love the wood and green shag carpet incorporated into the poster.  I also love all the influences throughout the room such as family portraits, lava lamp, and psychodelic posters.  

As for digitally illustrating, I was thinking of trying to make it look like an old "how-to" instructional manual outlined characters.  Since the episode is Lindsay trying to make a cool party to fit in with her new friends and attract the attention of her crush.  

I am interested to hear any ideas to the episode and how to incorporate it into a cohensive poster.  The only solution that I've thought of is having each character play off each other into a panoramic scene.  

Oh and any ideas on how to make the keg look fake would be awesome, too.  I don't want to put a label on it like O'Douls but that might be clearer then have everyone acting as themselves except Bill.


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