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Franny & Franky logo redesign

WELL. After many months and much deliberation and trying out a bunch that just didn't work, I ended up working on the ampersand-centric circle sketch. I applied some texture, so here is my "sorta final" result. I still want to play with it a bit but I think it's so close! I would appreciate any feedback!

A larger one:


So, I decided  to go for a redesign of my Etsy shop's logo. First, I gathered some designs for my moodboard. They're kind of all over the place, but in general I tend toward the quirky, with a special element or design twist. I also like the idea of components that come together to form something else, since that's essentially what a lot of my designs do.

I sketched for a good few days, first just letting my mind and hand go then trying out some of the approaches from my moodboard just to see where it took me.

Now, to digitize! I like several of these directions, so it may be hard narrowing things down! Any feedback would be great :)


After messing around with a few of these in Illustrator, I've gotten 4 digitized versions that I'm pretty happy with, plus or minus adjustments. I have a couple of other sketched ideas I want to try out (lower left on the first image above, lower left on the second image) and different iterations of the idea I have banked somewhere in my mind, but would love some feedback on the current direction.


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