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Christina Lembo

Designer, doodler, hand-letterer, collagist



Franny & Franky Creative



Franny & Franky Creative will be a marketing and creative services studio that helps small businesses and creative entrepreneurs position themselves in their market and gain the business tools and know-how to make their passions work for them. Franny & Franky Creative is the future startup of Christina Lembo, who currently designs paper goods and specializes in hand lettering and illustration. 


To create a visual identity for Franny & Franky Creative that will encompass all of Christina’s talents and services and convey her personality and project approach in order to attract ideal clients.

Target Audience

Male and female small-business owners and creative entrepreneurs (working artists, musicians, artisans, etc.) age 20-35 who seek a personalized approach to helping them create a sustainable identity for their craft.


Through one-on-one consultations and an enthusiasm creative entrepreneurship, Franny & Franky Creative will help clients leverage their talent and passion into career success.


Distinguishing characteristics

  • Focused on small business and creative entrepreneurs
  • Dedicated to visual storytelling through simple and honest design
  • Truly interested in the people behind the brand
  • Headed by a creative entrepreneur herself with a passion for teaching and helping others succeed
  • Offers a range of services and packages, from consultations and action plans to complete brand identity

Creative considerations

  • Nothing overly ornate
  • A personal touch that echoes hand-drawn elements
  • Most used colors are yellow, aqua, coral and gray

Tone or key words

  • Creative and artistic
  • Vintage modern
  • Personal
  • Hand drawn
  • Hand lettered
  • Clean and simple
  • Personal

I always work backwards... after putting together my mood board and really reflecting my personal style and preferences in there, then looking back at my key words, and after seeing other comments, I do see a disconnect. That being said, I think the disconnect is more in the keyword list than the mood board. So I'm revising my key words list:

  • Creative and artistic
  • Vintage modern
  • Personal
  • Hand drawn
  • Hand lettered
  • Quirky and whimsical
  • Unexpected
  • Organic

The mood board is ALWAYS my favorite part, and I tend to get a little carried away :) I love organic shapes, color, vintage elements, and a polished homespun feel. A lot of the imagery I'm drawn to speaks of interactions -- interactions between colors, shapes, concepts. The unexpected and how it can create something even more beautiful than if it were methodically plotted.


Teal, coral, and gold always end up cropping up in everything I do, and I like the fun, fresh and vintage feel that color combo imparts. After playing around a bit with different shades, I ended up with this color palette:

This is an updated version of a previous logo. I always liked certain elements of my logo, but overall it felt too heavy and imposing for my brand. This draws what I like about it (custom lettering, circle, texture) and applies what was missing and what's dervied from my exercises above (hand-lettered, vintage modern, application of colors).

For typography, I've chosen Grad as a serif, Business Penmanship as a Script, and Brandon Text as a sans serif.

Grad is a friendly serif that has a polish with a vintage modern whimsy in the slanted serifs. I like the rounded look of Brandon Text, especially in the lowercase set. I see Grad as a Display option and Brandon as an option for text. Business Penmanship is another display option and is very similar to what's used in my logo. I love the 1960s ballpoint feel.

Here's my mood board with colors and type set up.


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