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Franklin Family Crest

Our family has heritage in England, but I'm only really familiar with our more recent history – starting in the US, then moving to Papua New Guinea for a significant part of my father's life, and the first seven years of mine. We then moved to Australia (where my mum is from), and that is where I have spent most of my life.

I decided to use the Bird of Paradise as a central feature since PNG has been central to much of our recent history. I used baskets from PNG as inspiration for the shape and colours of the crest, and added the star of Texas and the southern cross to reference our heritage in the US and Australia.

Here's my inspiration board:


Working on using the basket as a background, and variations of the bird:


Here's the final crest in full colour:


Here's a simplified version with refined typography and some texture:


Here it is on a tshirt:



Any feedback would be great!


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