Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt


With an “I” not a “y” I learned from my cat, FDR, for short. A muse for my 101 photography skills, instagram posts and children’s book series, Cat and Tonic. His little furry mice tossed to the corners of the room. What is his perception of this one enclosure - his whole life? Does he remember the outside? Siblings from adoption the place? He has everything cared for him here. I know because it is me who feeds, cleans up after, and plays fetch. He has a friend, the other gray cat, Asha. Friend in the sense they were put together, they are familiar from lounging everyday together and generally doing not too much for a cat’s life is one to be admired. They befriend us humans expecting food, warmth and companionship and we idolize them with all of the above and all cross our interwebs. Their little bean feet are too cute to pass up. What is this story about we are trying to warm up to about the cat who drinks tonics? How could this be a kid book series and launching of more to come, or will it ultimately end up in the comedy sketch category. The cat who has everything sits, back like a human, like he does, and sits there enjoying his surroundings all while enjoying a vodka and spritely tonic after a long hard day of lounging about, sometimes getting up to dollop his paw into a glass laying about and throw the droplets into his protruding sand-paper tongue.


Does he travel cross country, to give this story some legs and cross-country adventure - all while mimicking my intentions set for the year and hopeful offer in the late winter to move to the Pacific Northwest. Do we highlight the play on words here that also alludes to a possible moral theme. Or do we keep this snarky cat who drinks on the job of being a cat and all the while befriends every furry mouse he comes across about a cat that pours one too many and drifts on to his own stream of consciousness. Becoming a stream within a stream we go into the mind of our main character, the wondrous rompings and weezy upper-respiratory malfunctions of one nebelung adopted cat.


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