Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean - New Orleans Jazz Festival

Direction 1:
Create a rendering of an old school boom box with orange liquid slowly seeping out to end up to be his name below it. He pulls alot of different references in R&B and his album is also called Channel Orange.

Direction 2:
A rooftop party with a neon rooftop sign that is spelling his name. Everyone would be silouhetted while his name stands bright over the New Orleans Skyline. He is from New Orleans and the poster is for him playing a New Orleans festival. He has a song about rich kids not giving a shit and doing whatever they want, so this would be a play on that.

Direction 3:
A vending machine in a white hallway that is Frank Ocean flavored bevarage. It'd be like an all coke, coke machine but dedicated to Frank Ocean flavored beverage. The machine would have a bright orange glow against the stale background of the hallway. I thought this would show a down to earth rendition of a band as well as use his name to be reminiscent of something new and refreshing.

Direction 4: 
To have a view of a city wall with a poster of a concert repeated like they do in most major cities. I wanted all of the posters to collectively create an illustration of his face and have the posters withering away. I feel his lyrics are very isolated and longing for someone and this plays more twoards his psyche in his songs.

I think Direction 1 & 4 are my favorites. Any critique is welcome. Thanks!


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