Francis Creative

Francis Creative - student project


Francis Editorial helps you realize what the heart of your company is and the best way to present it to the world. Whether you are a startup or well established business someone has surely thrown buzzwords like "branding" at you. What's that mean? Branding is just a fancy way of asking: Does the way you present your product or company accurately present the heart of your company? Francis Creative helps you answer this question by assisting you in crafting meaningful content that will connect with your consumers. We'll help you create content for your website, blog, social media, press releases, or any other avenue of communication. 

Business Goals

Established what services will be offered:
ghostblogging, webcopy, press releases, social media management, newsletter, 

Find name:
Francis Editorial? C.F. Creative?

Establish business website (most likely with WordPress)

Create further online prescence on Facebook, Twitter

Attract three small business or nonprofit clients in first three months

Networking Plan

Join Quincy YP group, attend at least one networking mixer every month

Begin following and interacting with local businesses on social media


Have found two accountants.

Heavily leaning toward for it's time tracking and online invoicing


My background is in serving the communication needs of small businesses and nonprofits. This included everything from creating web copy to reconceiving brouchures to managing social media accounts. These are the types of jobs and clients I'd like to attract whether projects are ongoing like the maintence of a social media account or one time like with the creation of a compelling annual report.