Franchise Euphoria: Business & legal planning for franchise buyers

Nearly 85% of people that buy franchise businesses do not seek any form of professional guidance BEFORE they buy.  This is insane.  When you buy a franchise, you are mostly signing a 5,10,15 or sometimes 20 year Franchise Agreement.  Most good franchise systems cost in excess of $100,000.  I help people on the front end, seek out, research, and find good franchis systems so they have a better chance of success.  Then I help them with the legal side to make sure they fully understand what they are getting into.  Most people never think about these things before they spend their retirement on a franchise.  My goal is to help people start the right way.  To first determine if their personality, passsions, business experience, know how, and life experiences are such that make them a good franchise candidate. And then help them make sure that they are buying a legitimate business.


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