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Franberry Sauce Logo

I need a logo that will work across my printed products - from illustration prints to on the back of greetings cards to business cards and thank you cards to comics and so on.


Here are some visual identities I am drawn to, based on what I would like for Franberry Sauce:


I want a mix of bright and pastel colours, and I'd rather have a series of complimentary logos/items than one specific logo across everything. I like the idea of using white on a coloured and patterned background - I think once I create some work I'd like to use close-ups of my prints/patterns to create the background, with a white logo or logotype on top.



I know that I definitely want a brush script for the name. My initial thought, because of "Sauce", was jars, even though I wasn't too keen on the idea. I doodled them to get them out of my head, and moved on to focusing more on doodles sprouting from the idea of "berry". I had the idea to have a pencil, fineliner and/or a Wacom Cintiq stylus - my tools of trade - sprouting leaves and berries. I think circular items also work well with the whole berry thing.

I also have a signature symbol that I'd like to include in my visual identity considerations, even though I would not use it as the logo itself. It's the circled symbol under the sprouting pencil that is a combination of F and K - my intials. I don't think I can use it as the actual logo, as my business name initials are FS, not FK, and even if people don't recognise the symbol as a combination of FK I think then it becomes too abtract.



For the logotype, I knew immediately I wanted a brush script. I've gone through every one I own and eventually settled on Manhattan Darling. It gets bonus points because that's how I do my Rs in my own handwriting. I think I prefer the entirely lowercase version here - which means I would probably make all my usernames lowercase when setting up accounts for this business.

My main text choice is called Bright and Beautiful. I wanted to keep the slightly hand-drawn look, and while this is not my favourite hand-drawn font, it's the only one I really like that also actually has a lowercase. 


I just wanted to play with colour :D


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