Frames of Photography

Frames of Photography - student project

6 March 2013 - This is my first ever start at html coding.  I have simply followed the rules of the first lesson to create a few pages and get some basic layouts together.

9 March 2013 - Updated with contact form, map and table of pricing for photos in a new shopping page.

Managed to get my coding through w3 validator first time no mistakes!

Added a couple more pages - one for shopping and another being the contact form.  A straight forward exercise to follow but made me think about the connections between content and links between pages.  Made amendments to show new pages in sequence and panel photos at a better size in the shopping page.

12 March 2013 - This was more of a challenging exercise.  It prompted additional changes to the site and added a short video of my own.  Like the different options with getting links at act and react to the mouse.

Had some issues with getting the css code in the correct order to display correctly and am not sure if I have used the most appropriate selector for some div sections.  Most of it works as I intended, but still have one error from W3 validator I am trying to work through.

14 March 2013 - Have updated the site again to include the integration of class selectors.  Can now see change in site presentation coming about and is great to see what can easily be created to get certain effects usign the selectors.  Also updated the video as the previous version had some glitches in it.

19 March 2013 - Set about getting the layout for the site arranged to fit elements together.  Who didn't find that exercise frustrating!

22 March 2013 - Tidied up some code to make more consistent and centre images and text to present a more complete page.  Played around with sprites and positioning in side file but did not want to include in this project site.  A bit more work to do to tidy up for the final submission but happy with my progress.